Image Credits

All Workshop banner images are composite images manipulated by James Cummings:

  • Digital Musicology Banner: Combination of and graph by Ichiro Fujinaga (workshop teacher)
  • An Introduction to Digital Humanities Banner: Combination of original photo by James Cummings of Weston Library and freely available keyboard image.
  • Crowdsourcing Banner: Zooniverse network graph and freely available crowd graphic image
  • Digital Medieval Renaissance Studies Banner:, and related images combined with's_Library_Interior_5,_Bodleian_Library,_Oxford,_UK_-_Diliff.jpg and other text.
  • Text to Tech: Search for 'text' from BNC Web combined with
  • Humanities Data Banner: Photos by James Cummings combined (books and data centre tape archive machine at Oxford)
  • TEI Banner: Combination of part of TCP A34179; JC photo of XML editing and book:
  • Linked Data Banner: and graph from workshop slides.

All photos of previous DHOxSS are by James Cummings unless otherwise cited.

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